Name: Scott Chen (Scottie ROCK)
School: UCLA
Any Affiliations (fraternity/sorority, non profit org, school club, or business org): Lambda Phi Epsilon (LA Lambdas), UCLA APA,, TAP, TACL
Residence: West LA
What is your favorite part about promoting for GO Pro?
The opportunity to meet very unique individuals from various business and industry backgrounds; this is especially important for an aspiring entrepreneur such as myself. In addition, being able to produce events that people will remember and indirectly shape their lives...hence, we're in the memory making business!
What is your favorite GO Pro moment?
When we produced a massive NYE Event in 2007-08 where the LA Times and various media channels reported as "a massive Asian gathering @ UNION STATION." At that very night standing on stage over looking the 2800+ crowd and realizing..."Wow did we just make this happen?!"
What is your full time job? Chasing my dreams! "Dream as if you'll live forever...and live as if you'll die today..." - James Dean
Other interests, hobbies, side projects?
My interests include various entrepreneur projects and investments; meeting interesting people that share the same enthusiasm and excitement on life and learning and bettering myself with each encounter.