Name: Chris Aguilar
School: Cal Poly Pomona
Affiliations: ASCE, CWEA-CPP
Residence: Diamond Bar (Originally from Riverside, IE REPRESENT!)
What is your favorite part about promoting for GO Pro?
Getting all my friends together and having one big ass party every weekend! Oh and getting down on the dance floor!
What is your favorite GO Pro moment?
Too many to list and some I probably don't remember...but definitely has to be my first weekend of joining GOProLA as a noob and getting someone to come out to throw their birthday party! Talk about "it was my first time" jitters and getting THAT out of the way!
What is your full time job? Civil Engineer
Other interests, hobbies, side projects?
Running a Japanese restaurant with my dad, playing sushi chef on the weekends, keeping fit, looking sexy, and hanging out with my corgis, Winston and William!